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Infinite Dynasty Academy is the first full time Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai family owned Martial Arts Academy in Wylie since 2013. We have been supporting our greater Wylie and surrounding areas. Whether you are a professional MMA fighter, a weekend warrior or just want your kids to learn confidence and how to prevent being bullied, you've come to the right place! Continuous growth is our motto and we believe that learning is an integral and quintessential part of our lives till the day we breathe our last. Founded and supervised by Second Degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Muay Thai Brown Arm band Bobby Peña. We serve families and students from Wylie, Allen, Frisco, Plano and adjacent areas of North Texas. When you enroll here, you become a part of our family and we treat each of our students as a family member. This is the idea behind the name "Infinite Dynasty" and as you join us, you become an integral part of our growing family of martial arts enthusiasts. We offer our students with ample learning opportunities at their own pace. You will get all the help and support from our trainers. Advanced students will also be helping you out by sharing their experiences. The training program is a journey where you will be learning new things at every stop. Here, we will equip you with the best techniques and skills of provided you put in a sincere effort and be regular at our classes. We will help you progress in achieving what you aspire to be.