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Bobby Pena

Head Instructor

Bobby Peña is the head instructor, supervisor and owner of the Infinite Dynasty Academy. He is a Jiu Jitsu black belt and an expert trainer. He has also been trained in Muay Thai. He has been a regular competitor and a well-known face in the local competitions and MMA circuit. He started on his journey as a wrestler while he was still a mid-school student. He competed in numerous tournaments throughout mid-school and high school and built his reputation as a highly skilled wrestler and a tough competitor. He settled down in the Dallas – Fort Worth having served the Air Force which he had joined after high school. It was this time when he started studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Aspiring to be a consummate martial arts performer, he also started to learn Muay Thai with the aim to improve his striking skills. With an amazing enthusiasm for learning and growth, he trains himself to keep up with the latest tecniques in the field and has been a constant innovator of new techniques and methodologies. 

Candace Rodriguez

Assistant Instructor

Candace Rodriguez is the assistant instructor and supervisor at Infinite Dynasty. She is a jiu jitsu purple belt and also an expert trainer. Well known in the community and as a competitor. Second place in International Brazilian Jujitsu  as a white belt and second place Internationally as a blue belt.  Her journey started by competing in Tae-Kwondo and Music. She earned many awards in tournaments in Tae-Kwondo. She earned her degree in music and now teaches in the classroom and on the mats. She started training Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in 2015. Now competes in professional Jiu Jitsu matches and amateur MMA to continue her competitive edge. Always learning and furthering her martial arts education with enthusiasm.